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 Booking The Trucks...
Invites to Self Pay Events

We appreciate you inquiring about inviting us to your event.

We require a signed contract with a $500 guarantee of sales Monday-Friday, and $700 guarantee of sales Saturday & Sundays.

We require a credit card to be on file in case there is a balance due.

Example: We make $300 total in sales.. you would be required to cover the remaining $200 balance. We make $500 its been a great day owe us 0 and lets do it again...

"Tootie" and "Ms. Deddle's" is 23' in length and 10' wide.
The Donut machine has super HOT oil and must be leveled to function properly:
We can not have ANY incline as to where we are designated to park.
We like to arrive 2 hours before service time.

Once the donut machine is turned on we can not move or it will delay serving time by 1 hour once set up.

Deddle's LLC. is fully licensed and insured.
We accept cash, credit and check.

FYI....Number of trucks that should attend an event:
The industry standards recommend that you have one food truck for every 200-300 attendees, if the event is focused around eating. If it is not primarily an “eating” event, that ratio should be closer to one food truck for every 400-500 attendees. For food trucks to have a successful event we need to average more than 50 customer per hour. This number can vary depending on numerous factors, but when deciding on how many food trucks to have at your event, make sure to think not just about the overall number of attendees, but also the number of attendees you expect to actually eat over the course of the event. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding of our requirements for booking the truck. We look forward to working with you.

Sweetest regards,
"The Donut Queen"